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SPEAKERS ※Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for each training session

Seiyong Kim
CEO – SH(Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation)

Language : Korean
Topic – History of Seoul
         – Future cities and trends
         – Forecasting Seoul
         – Keywords of future city
         – The Future of Seoul

This presentation will discuss about the real estate development in Seoul. In detail, He will talk about the history of the real estate market in Seoul which includes its emergence, transition, and also its future.

Harold Tan
MA (BA), B Sc (Real Estate) (Hons)

Language : English
Topic – Disruptive Technologies (Challenges & Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals)

We are now living in a digital age where new technologies affect the way we live, work and shop. What are some of these new technologies that has already occurred and how are they affecting our lives? What are the implications for real estate? How can we protect ourselves and our jobs in real estate from bring taken over by new apps, disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence?
Despite the challenges, what are the opportunities that are created because of new technologies?

This presentation will discuss with real life examples, what is happening in business and the real estate industry.
You can also see examples of how we are training our real estate professionals to remain relevant and useful despite these new technologies.

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Jong gu(Jason) Kim
CEO - Two and Half Consulting

Language : Korean
Topic – The secret of convincing one to say ‘Yes’

We must understand the importance of trust which is the foundation of persuading someone, and we can use the B.M.W (Body, Mood, Word) method in order to build trust. We can use the psychological method and apply the 4 levels of persuasive speech that leads the listener to say ‘yes.’

Ray Prosek
Top Agent from Hawaii

Language : English
Topic – Mindset for Sales Associates

What are some secrets of successful real estate agents? Sales mindset is what matters. Agents constantly hear “no” from their customers. What does an agent need to do to push forward and make things happen?

Ray Prosek is one of the top agents in Hawaii and he is ready to share his secret with you. Learn how to become a diamond club award winner.

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Network Owner - RE/MAX Estate Properties LA

Language : English
         – 5 Global Tips you need to know about Becoming a Rockstar Agent
         – Lead, Refer, Repeat in Every Marketplace
         – Using Video to Promote Your Service
         – Q and A of Winning Solutions from Our Community of Top Producers

Colin Jacobs graduated with a degree in Computer Science/Graphic Design from Brown University. He was immediately picked up as a tech director by Lucas Arts.
As a breakout team member of the blockbuster “Phantom of the Menace" and "The Clone Wars” — (Star Wars Episodes 1 & 2)

Colin has joined RE/MAX Estate Properties LA, oversees agents in 17 offices in Greater Los Angeles.
He coaching and training agents how to harness tech enabled tools and resources to enhance their businesses. He connect real estate agents around the world in a dynamic mastermind community, named Lotus List.
Now he grows his international network of top producers and projects in every global destination.

Please join Colin’s community at www.lotuslist.com, and follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/colinlotus

Han Lee
Partner - instamaster® Marketing Inc.

Language : English/Korean
Topic – instamaster tips to boost your branding & sales

Imagine a form of advertising with the potential to reach 800 million people. The first thing that comes to mind is a television advertisement. For example, the last Superbowl had 114 million viewers, and the average cost of a 30 second ad was 5 million dollars. Now imagine reaching millions of people from home with the click of a button for free. Once you have a strong Instagram Account this is a possibility. Instagram has 800 million users and every day this number is growing. Unlike traditional forms of advertisement such as tv, newspaper, and bus ads, Instagram targets your audience to reach people with an active interest in your business.

instamaster® Marketing Inc. was founded to give real marketing value, save the current marketing cost, and to bring real & measurable results for our clients. In this session, we will show you how to use Instagram effectively for your real estate business. Our instamaster tips will help you enhance personal branding and connect with more people in your niche. instamaster® can make your dream of reaching millions of potential clients from home a reality.

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Byungrok(Kyle) Choi
Director, Top agent From Korea

Language : Korean
Topic – Touching the client’s heart

An agent cannot satisfy a client emotionally just by simply providing them with some information of the market. Also, agents tend to think emotionally rather than rationally when they need to decide on something important. In the age of boundless information today, an agent must learn how to touch a client’s heart in order to become successful. What should one keep in mind to do this efficiently?

Carlos Matias
Founder and CEO - GryphTech

Language : English
Topic – Overview of iConnect
         – The RE/MAX International Platform.
         – Recap of the most recent releases
         – Upcoming releases for iConnect
         – Emerging technologies in the Global Real Estate Technology industry

GryphTech operates in over 50 countries worldwide and is a leading provider of a complete platform that helps franchise groups grow from start to finish. GryphTech has been a partner of RE/MAX for over 20 years.

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Um Hong Gil
President - Um Hong Gil Human foundation

Language : Korean
Topic – What I did was not just to reach the ‘summit’, but rather to overcome ‘failure and breakdown.’
         – the challenging spirit (describe vividly of the experience where I overcame difficulties)

I imprinted my dream, hope, and endless challenging spirit at the Himalayan Peaks. However, there were countless failure and breakdowns behind the glory of reaching 16 Himalayan peaks, and my journey was the process of surmounting them. I will speak about my experiences and what I realized during the adventure through which I conquered 16 peaks.

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