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6 training sessions in 2018 RE/MAX Asia Pacific Convention

1. marketing (Guerrilla marketing and personal branding)
2. Listing Presentation
3. Using SNS and Video
4. Mindset for Sales Associates
5. Team Building
6. How to be a top agent

Harold Tan
MA (BA), B Sc (Real Estate) (Hons)

Topic – Disruptive Technologies (Challenges & Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals)

We are now living in a digital age where new technologies affect the way we live, work and shop. What are some of these new technologies that has already occurred and how are they affecting our lives? What are the implications for real estate? How can we protect ourselves and our jobs in real estate from bring taken over by new apps, disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence?
Despite the challenges, what are the opportunities that are created because of new technologies?

This presentation will discuss with real life examples, what is happening in business and the real estate industry.
You can also see examples of how we are training our real estate professionals to remain relevant and useful despite these new technologies.

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Ray Prosek
Top Agent from Hawaii

Topic – Mindset for Sales Associates

What are some secrets of successful real estate agents? Sales mindset is what matters. Agents constantly hear “no” from their customers. What does an agent need to do to push forward and make things happen?

Ray Prosek is one of the top agents in Hawaii and he is ready to share his secret with you. Learn how to become a diamond club award winner.

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